Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kevin Andrews Racist ?

Kevin Andrews is at the heart of the government's woes. He was responsible for WorkChoices and now problems with the Immigration department. His handling of the supposed Sudanese problem ( see ABC's Media Watch 8/10/07) has been incompetent at best. It is also clear that his brand of Christianity is a peculiar one.
In this interview Andrews says"Rudd has tried to superficially bridge this class cap by wearing his Christian soul on his sleeve. Rudd's repudiation of economic fundamentalism and heightened sense of compassion in public affairs is therefore phoney and misleading". Attempted translation of this gobbledegook :
If you don't believe in economic fundamentalism ( whatever that is) your Christianity is false.
Another logic field day. Anyway Pauline Hanson is behind the good minister and that's all that counts.

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The Worst of Perth said...

The man seems like such a knob, but they all are. I have commented somewhere that Wilson Tuckey used to be the biggest clown in the coalition, and was really considered "out there", but Wilson is small beer now in the idiot stakes. He has been overshadowed by about every single minister, Andrews, Downer, Nelson, Ruddock Costello andcetera.