Friday, September 28, 2007

League of Gentlemen

Seems I am no longer allowed to post on John Quiggin's blog. This is a pity since this is the best blog site in Australia. What started it all was this egregious post from one Mugwump ( and a previous post of mine refers to a the same thread , different poster Bingo Bango Boingo or Mug Jnr)
Here it is the offending paragraph in all it's gory glory.
"Government responsibility for provision of services is more devolved here, so while you do typically have 3 levels of tax-raising governments (just like Australia by the way - you seem to have forgotten about local councils), the lowest level (usually the county) provides far more of the services at the local level, such as schooling, water. For example, my county takes in $1 billion in annual revenues and spend $500 million of it on the local schools. That makes the schools and other local services more responsive to local interest and less prone to capture by special interests (such as teacher unions pushing boneheaded lefty curricula).
Most counties in the US are very pro-development. They understand where the money comes from - the wealth creators - so there is a lot of effort put into attracting wealth creators."
If you are going to be tendentious at least post references to the level of Wikipedia. However I think the intention of this missive is propagandist.
Mug then goes on to say how good the American health system is . Pity he couldn't just refer to Wikipedia or even just see "Sicko" both of which aren't so sanguine about it. Personal anecdote doesn't cut it on teh Intertoobs.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Childrens do Learn

Take note Blair Prez Bush thinks there's hope for you yet.

Clichepedia or is that Clichetedia

"Looking forward into the future" and this marvellous effort at which perhaps be referred to as gobledegookomania
Bingo Bango Boingo Says:

It’s one thing to detract from liberty by appropriating funds from the citizenry and spending it on ‘free’ (!) government-chosen goods and services (and he cases where this is justified are few and far between, and certainly do not extend to things easily provided by the citizenry themselves (eg. health and education)). It is quite another to engage in broad-based wealth redistribution. That is much easier to justify, since it is a slighter impingment on freedom and retains the benefits of free(r) markets (innovation, responsiveness, etc. as mugwump has aluded to). In reality, the ones who do best from the freeing up of relevant product and service markets are the previously marginalised whose opportunities are held by back by inefficient and/or low-quality government services (this is particularly the case with education).

This is a field day for lovers of fine illogic.

Is Mandela the New Plastic Turkey

Will Blair will now spend his time trailing through the entrails of the Internet looking for plastic Mandela's.
As if Blair doesn't believe that if you think it feels good then it is true.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grace Pettigrew gets Plastic Turkeyed

Over at the right royal dumbness an inadvertent bystander cops the full blast of dumbness.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Blair propaganda about Don Bradman

The editor of Moron News has the attention span of a gnat and doesn't tolerate opposing positions. From Wikipedia "In the final Test at The Oval, Bradman walked out to bat in Australia’s first innings, and received a standing ovation from the crowd and three cheers from the opposition. His Test batting average stood at 101.39. Facing the wrist-spin of Eric Hollies, Bradman pushed forward to the second ball that he faced, was deceived by a wrong 'un, and bowled between bat and pad for no score."
All this would be of little significance except for Joe Hockey's unfortunate metaphor.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Atheist Manifesto

Two cheers for Richard Dawkins. His polemic is an important next step in the political movements started in the 60's and what were termed the politics of liberation. The politics of weaning humankind from ancient texts claiming to explain the Universe is the most important fight of all. Dawkins does however over simplify somewhat. The centrality of argument and reason in that fight can't be disputed. For further criticism of Dawkins see


There are not many simple graphics demonstrating how the InterToobs actually work but here's one from Andrea GiaCobbe.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Oxymoron of Secret Intelligence

The failure of intelligence agencies has been a failure of their ability to objectively test information they have gained. This is one of the central problems of a democracy : to what extent do we rely on these secret agencies for our security. This problem has many aspects : some are statistical ( whether evidence is validated and whether models you are using are logical and statistically optimal) and logistical ( the release of surveillance methods and knowledge to your enemy) and democratic. ( You are infringing the rights of citizens and their right to a fair trial).

Monkeys taken to Iraq for Training

In remarkable news on Media Watch those ever reliable sources of information Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Dennis Shanahan were taken to Iraq for meetings with General Petraeus. Do these sleazy media whores know no boundary? Apparently the devine Ms Devine is now a fully credentialled war reporter and knows all about Iraq after her meeting with the good general.

Friday, September 07, 2007


What is Blair's obsession with plastic turkeys ? The bloke is beyond parody ; his level of stupidity requires constant practice obviously.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Wikipedia is no longer any use for anything political. Discuss. For example, see the Australian Wheat Board scandal : it has been hacked into meaninglessness. However the entry on logical fallacies is priceless ; an example of the net at its best. When I have sufficient time I'll work through anything that J.F.Beck, Tim Blair or Jack Strocchi posts as examples. These logical tools are very useful to explore and explode arguments.

Why is Perth Airport the worst in Australia

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Why is the West Australian Airports Corporation ( a bunch of greedy thieving bastards) responsible for the most hopeless airport in Australia. What process of political corruption lead to these thieving bastards being in charge of a major piece of infrastructure? ( To put it in lying rodent terms).
Major achievements of WAC(ky)
1. The destruction of a nice piece of bushland.
2. Allowing a brickworks without environmental checks . ( Don't bullshit about it).
3. An airport that is in chaos with traffic jams. Don't forget to get to the airport early.
These shits are laughing all the way to the bank. I need assistance to get the history of how this happened.