Friday, September 28, 2007

League of Gentlemen

Seems I am no longer allowed to post on John Quiggin's blog. This is a pity since this is the best blog site in Australia. What started it all was this egregious post from one Mugwump ( and a previous post of mine refers to a the same thread , different poster Bingo Bango Boingo or Mug Jnr)
Here it is the offending paragraph in all it's gory glory.
"Government responsibility for provision of services is more devolved here, so while you do typically have 3 levels of tax-raising governments (just like Australia by the way - you seem to have forgotten about local councils), the lowest level (usually the county) provides far more of the services at the local level, such as schooling, water. For example, my county takes in $1 billion in annual revenues and spend $500 million of it on the local schools. That makes the schools and other local services more responsive to local interest and less prone to capture by special interests (such as teacher unions pushing boneheaded lefty curricula).
Most counties in the US are very pro-development. They understand where the money comes from - the wealth creators - so there is a lot of effort put into attracting wealth creators."
If you are going to be tendentious at least post references to the level of Wikipedia. However I think the intention of this missive is propagandist.
Mug then goes on to say how good the American health system is . Pity he couldn't just refer to Wikipedia or even just see "Sicko" both of which aren't so sanguine about it. Personal anecdote doesn't cut it on teh Intertoobs.

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