Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clichepedia or is that Clichetedia

"Looking forward into the future" and this marvellous effort at which perhaps be referred to as gobledegookomania
Bingo Bango Boingo Says:

It’s one thing to detract from liberty by appropriating funds from the citizenry and spending it on ‘free’ (!) government-chosen goods and services (and he cases where this is justified are few and far between, and certainly do not extend to things easily provided by the citizenry themselves (eg. health and education)). It is quite another to engage in broad-based wealth redistribution. That is much easier to justify, since it is a slighter impingment on freedom and retains the benefits of free(r) markets (innovation, responsiveness, etc. as mugwump has aluded to). In reality, the ones who do best from the freeing up of relevant product and service markets are the previously marginalised whose opportunities are held by back by inefficient and/or low-quality government services (this is particularly the case with education).

This is a field day for lovers of fine illogic.

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