Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Australian now censoring its blog

To compound the Australian's woefully biased election coverage it is now excluding certain posters.
Two posts of mine failed to get into its blogs yesterday : one to Phillip Adams and one to Caroline Overington. The one on Overington's referred to her attempt to influence the result in Wentworth ( the baton has now been handed over to Salusinzsky ) . Overington's understanding of polls is extremely weak and the line that the election is close is nonsense, though this line is parrotted by more than one journalist. Why the Adams post was not included is behind me ; basically I agreed with Adams with two additions : Howard's use of lies as a modus operandi and the exclusive role of self interest in Howard's politics.


The Worst of Perth said...

I wonder what will happen to "The Slapper"? Surely she can't stay on? Will be too many people referring to her as the slapper to be taken seriously.

Bill O'Slatter said...

No I think Overington or OvaRingTone is too talented to be got rid of. That she is going through a "bad patch" in her life is beyond doubt but that doesn't excuse bad behavior.