Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who Owns Perth Airport

Ownership of Perth Airport
Perth Airport is operated by Westralia Airports Corporation Pty
Ltd (WAC). WAC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airstralia
Development Group Pty Ltd (ADG).
The shareholders of ADG are:
  • Utilities Trust of Australia (UTA) - 32.01%
  • Australian Infrastructure Fund (AIF) - 24.88%
  • Perth Airport Property Fund (PAPF) - 14.50%
  • British Airports Association (BAA) – 15.00%
  • Westscheme Pty Ltd (WS) – 5.00%
  • Officers Superannuation Fund (OSF) - 3.17%
  • Colonial First State Private Capital Limited (CFS) - 1.87%
  • Queensland Infrastructure Trust (QIF) - 3.57%
Hastings Fund Management administers UTA, PAPF, AIF and
QIF, which when combined have a total equity interest of 75 per
cent. Hastings Funds Management Limited is a specialist Australian
infrastructure and investment company.
In addition to providing airport management expertise at Board
level, BAA has a technical services agreement with WAC.
BAA provides international airport business expertise to WAC in a
range of areas to assist in the operation and development of the
For more information about the airport and it shareholders (Perth Airport) (Hastings Fund Management) (BAA Plc)

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